Mentor for councils: faster, better and cheaper case resolution

More efficient case resolution 

Mentor for councils gives the case manager a head start and reach a conclusion earlier.

The case manager will experience a higher level of expertise and a safe basis for reaching a conclusion.

Case processing becomes cheaper and safer and will arrives at better decisions.

Collective expertise

Mentor’s support for the case manager is based on the collective expertise within an doamin across councils. The complete collective expertise, knowledge and experience is being applied to every single case.

The outcome is just, homogeneous and well-founded decisions.

The secret sauce

The secret is the way we harvest and structure knowledge. The knowledge base is fully transparent and humanly readable and can for example be controlled for bias. Decisions are accompanied by explanations and references to relevant practice, law, etc. ‘Explainability’ is by design and will be a good basis for adhering to the upcoming EU AI-act.


Mentor’s knowledge base is built and maintained by the users. Proposals for new rules are evaluated centrally by the knowledge governance board and defined in the system when practice and law change. It takes a few minutes to add a new rule to Mentor.